About SlouchPouch

I have been an Artist/Designer for over 20yrs, with the interchanging face of fashion, like most designers I am constantly looking for the next unique innovative idea which can be exciting but also very challenging. In 2009 I created and designed a range of high quality Christmas Jumpers just before the Christmas jumper mania hit the UK. I developed the CrimboFreak brand which now sells worldwide, within a couple of years our jumpers were being worn by celebrities and featuring on prime time TV shows throughout the festive season.

In 2012 I was approach by Sony to design and produced Christmas jumpers for the Arthur Christmas Premiere, within the same year I was also approached by Nintendo to develop and produce a range of Christmas jumper including famous characters Mario and Luigi for a Christmas promotion.

In 2011 I became interested in the Onesie Concept and was intrigued by the versatile practicalities of the one piece loungewear garment. Unlike the Christmas Jumpers, the challenge was not to re-create the wheel there was defiantly a demand for this item trickling into the UK online and on the high street, but to recognise there was an opportunity in the market. Research showed that there were companies offering low quality Onesies at cheap prices and companies offering high quality Onesies at ridiculous expensive prices, but there was a definite lack of high quality Onesies at prices affordable for everyone.

I spent months expanding on the knowledge and contact I had gathered over the many years sampling and developing Onesie designs and carefully sourcing quality trims and fabrics. Initially I developed a range of ten designs which formed the new brand SlouchPouch. The collection was a Huge success, mainly due to the attention to detail, quality of the design and keeping with my initial promise of an affordable price for everyone.

With the sell-out of the spring/summer collection and the launch of the new autumn/winter collection around the corner slouch Pouch is going from strength to strength.

2013/2014 will be an exciting time for SlouchPouch with the launch of our new website and an exciting new concept is growing in the UK to integrate the one piece into the outerwear market. You heard it here first so watch this space.



Crimbo Freaks

CrimboFreaks. The Christmas Jumper Company.



SlouchPouch. Dare to be different.